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vore1.bmp (921654 bytes)

This is Speed-O-Vore. He is based on the regular photopopper circuit. The solarcell is a 2433 Sunceram, and the main storage cap is a 2200F that I got from my old computer's motherboard. The pager motors are from Andy Pang... so is the rest of the circuit, except for the trimmer pot, and the main capacitor. vore3.bmp (921654 bytes)
  Originally, he was supposed to have a power backup circuit. It consisted of a nocturnal solarengine, charging a 1.5F Powerstor capacitor. vore2.bmp (921654 bytes)
  vore4.bmp (921654 bytes)
The schematic, by Ian Bernstein:

PhotoPopper.jpg (38173 bytes)

vore5.bmp (921654 bytes)